Swiss Snow League

By visiting the Swiss Snow League, fun and progress are guaranteed! Your personal technique is put in the foreground, you learn new things in a playful way and you reinforce your achievements.

In order to optimally target progress, choose the League that best represents your knowledge and abilities.

Level Swiss Snow Kids Village


  • Information on the history of Snowli
  • Information about skis and snow
  • Walk, turn and ride with skis
  • Sliding into the fall line with skis parallel and braking
  • First change of direction from fall line

Level Blue Prince/Princess


  • Equipment Information
  • Stair climbing and scissors
  • Sliding and braking in a snowplow
  • Gliding with skis parallel with steps and tricks
  • Spinning Snowplow

Level Blue King/Queen


  • Information on the use of the ski lifts
  • Descent crossing and tricks
  • Side skid
  • Ski easy bumps and jumps with parallel skis
  • Snow plow turn on easy blue run

Level Blue Star


  • Information on behavior on the slopes (FIS Rules)
  • Turn through a forest of mini stakes and a course
  • Skiing in hollows and bumps
  • Skiing in switch with the skis in “V” and changing direction
  • Snow plow turns on a varied blue run

Level Red Prince/Princess


  • Warm-up information
  • Parallel braking
  • Step turn on easy track
  • Waltz
  • Skid parallel turn

Level Red King/Queen


  • Information on behavior in the snowpark
  • Short turn on easy track
  • Flat skater step
  • Basic Air (Small Kicker)
  • Parallel bend of different radii

Level Red Star


  • Information about nature, forest and environment
  • Parallel turn in a corridor of stakes and a course
  • Skid parallel switch turn
  • Easy slope ski turns
  • Short bend on medium difficulty track

Level Black Prince/Princess


  • Information on the preparation of the material
  • Short turn with poles on difficult terrain
  • Straight and fifty-fifty box jumps
  • Parallel turns in unprepared snow
  • Carving (cut parallel turn) on a wide and easy track

Swiss Snow Academy Ski


  • Skiing without borders on and off the slopes, in the snowpark and between the gates characterizes the Swiss Snow Academy Ski.
  • Ski Race
  • Freestyle skiing
  • Freeride skiing